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Pipe-Major Graeme Massie

Expert Bagpipe Playing for All Occasions

Instruction also available


Graeme joined the Army in 1984 at the age of 16 as a junior bagpiper and soldier. During his extensive service he has been engaged to play the bagpipes in many countries of the world for various events. Below is a partial listing of these countries.

United States of America, Canada, Australia, Korea, South Africa, Russia and most European Countries

During his career he has also performed personally for many Heads of State and members of

Royal Families including:


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

President George W. Bush

President Ronald Reagan

Pope John Paul II




In 1994 Pipe-Major Massie complete the Pipe-Majors Course at the Army School of Piping in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. This is considered the most challenging and complete piping course in the world. On average only ten candidates per year are award this qualification in the world. He also holds The Graduate Certificate and the Senior Teachers Certificate. After completing the course Graeme was promoted to Pipe-Major of the Queens Royal Irish Hussars. Where he served until April 2008. During his career Pipe-Major Massie also served in six combat tours including three tours in Iraq. Also included are the 1st Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo


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