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Navy Seal's Memorial Day 2010

Greame Playing at the Navy Seal's Memorial Service, May 2010

Playing at School Graduation

Graeme playing at a School Graduation in Fort Lauderdale, May 2010

Playing for Dinner

Playing for the same Navy Seal dinner in 2010

Performing for the Local School Children

Graeme performing for School Children at a local school. He also gave a short lecture on the Pipes and the Uniform.

Playing for Dinner

This was taken at the same dinner for Navy Seals in 2010

Washington DC

This picture was taken in 2005 When Graeme was in Washington DC playing at an engagement for the British Embassy

Gulf War

This picture was taken while serving on an opperation tour in in Iraq in 2007

Gulf War

This was one of the Forts on the Iraq/Iran Border

Band Parade

Taken in 2007 during the regiments freedom of the city in Birmingham, England


Taken at Athlone Barracks in Germany while waiting for the His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent

Gulf War

Another picture taken during deployment in the Gulf

Regimental Banner

The Regimental Pipe Banner of the Queens Royal Hussars

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

The annual picture taken in Sennelager

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Another annual picture showing some of the Trophies the band had won

Learning to Drive

Learning to drive a chieftain tank 1987


Washington DC

Junior Soldiers

At age 17

Rememberance in Cyprus

This was taken in Cyprus at a memorial service on Rememberance Day 2008

HMS Glasgow

A very young Graeme with his Mother on HMS Glasgow

A Young Tpr Graeme Massie with Tpr.Drew Caldwell

This was a P.R. photograph taken by the local news paper just prior to being deployed in the First Gulf War

HMS Glasgow

The same day with his father

Tpr Massie

Taken in Melbourne Australia while on tour.

Pipe-Major John Massie

Greame's grandfather Pipe-Major John Massie of the Gordon Highlanders. Notice the Gurka insignia on his arm. This was taken while in Malaysia

Pipe-Major John Massie

This was taken near the end of the second World War. Notice the Russion General John Massie is the 2nd from the left

Ian Massie Sr.

Graeme's father Ian Massie playing in a parade. Not to be confused with his brother Iain Massie who served in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and also holds the Pipe-Majors Certificate

Ian Massie Sr.

Greame's father before his piping days in Hong Kong

Pipe Major John Massie

Pipe-Major John Massie sometime after the War

1st Battlion The Gordon Highlanders

The 1st Battlion The Gordon Highlanders at Balmoral